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About us

KOP DE GAS begins in 2012 with the aim of bringing something more onto climbing gear and on all the stuff that turns us crazy when we are on the walls. We are climbers and we think, we test and manufacture our products so you can require the maximum.


Our main focus in Kop de Gas is to offer you quality products so you can require the most when climbing. We strive to achieve this thanks to the use of the best raw materials, according environmentally friendly industrial processes.


We are active climbers and this allows us to imagine, to study and to introduce improvements in many of the products we manufacture. We test and trial the prototypes on the walls in order to add to our products features that make it so unique and useful.

Think Local

All gear we manufacture is produced in the EU, with suppliers and manufacturers here. Because local thinking not only favors the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere but also strengthens local economy, and this benefits everyone of us.


All the shops where you will find our products. Please don’t hesitate to ask in your climbing shop about our products!

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Tamis Sport Avendida de la Cruz n. 38, Almería. Teléfono: 950271707

Terral Tienda de Montaña C/Francisco López n. 23, Málaga. Teléfono: 951235297


Deportes Ariadna C/ Tarragona nº 1, Zaragoza. Teléfono: 976359070

All Radical Mountain Avendida Francia n. 12, Benasque. Teléfono: 974551425

Charli Montaña Avda. Regimiento de Galicia nº 3, Jaca. Teléfono: 974 360 890


Deportes Cavana C/ Marqués de Pidal nº 22, Oviedo. Teléfono: 985255834

Esguilar.com C/ Mieres n. 5, Langreo, Astúries.


K2 Aventura C/ Garcilaso de la Vega, n. 5, Torrelavega, Cantabria.


Deportes Makalú C/ Ribera de Curtidores, nº 2. Teléfono: 915280750

Tienda Ramón Portilla C/ Moratines, nº 16. Teléfono: 915174639


Casa Leiva C/ Sagasta n. 45, Múrcia. Teléfono: 968969288


La Gruta Avda. Marina Baixa, n. 55, La Nucia, Alicante. Teléfono: 966896804


Vértigo Sport Tenerife C/ Santiago Beyro n. 21, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Teléfono: 922200015



Equipa’t Barcelona Plaça Paul Claudel n. 2, Barcelona. Teléfono: 931876518

Freàtic Sports Castillejos n. 166, Barcelona. Teléfono: 934615970

GR-Zero Travessera de Gràcia n. 132, Barcelona. Teléfono: 934161067

JOM Big-Wall C/ Enamorats n. 39, Barcelona. Teléfono:  932311672

Vèrtic Barcelona C/ Rocafort n. 135, Barcelona. Teléfono: 935116676


Camarasa Muntanya Sabadell C/ Sant Pere n. 12, Sabadell. Tel: 937274287

Camarasa Muntanya Terrassa C/ Camí Fondo n. 2, Terrassa. Tel: 937869753

Camp Base C-17 Granollers C/ de la Bassa n. 15, Granollers. Tel: 935621225

Esports DOM C/ Sant Antoni n. 23, Mataró. Tel: 937964221

Vèrtic Manresa C/ Carrasco i Formiguera n. 33, Mataró. Tel: 938774042

Vèrtic Sabadell Carretera de Barcelona n. 19-21, Sabadell. Tel: 937450369

Montanyà C/ Costa de’n Paratge n. 20, Vic. Tel: 938854983


Blackisard C/ de l’Aigüeta, n.  170, La Bisbal d’Empordà, Girona. Tel: 972646293


K2 Tarragona C/ Emperador August n. 23, Tarragona. Tel: 977238630


Tàndem Solsona Carretera de Manresa n. 45, Solsona. Tel: 973484287